Sostenibilità - Sustainability - Ökologische Nachhaltigkeit - Ecologische duurzaamheid - 環境持続可能性 - 環境可持續


We at Azienda Agricola Livio Feliziani, we are convinced that respect for nature is directly proportional to respect for ourselves, that we eat every day of its fruits. And this is why, in total inversion of the trend with the logic of the market of large retail (GDO) our work is all about the idea of production with impact 0, which allows us to create a great product in full respect of nature and the eco-system, exploiting the clean energy generated by a photovoltaic system for the entire company needs and using only electrical, manual and mechanical tools for the collection and storage of products.


The territory

Il Territorio - The territory - Das Territorium - Het territorium - 領土 - 领土

The territory

The company is located in the territory of Campofilone, a small village in the Marche region, province of Fermo, already known for local products such as the Maccheroncini, egg pasta exported around the world. The proximity to the Adriatic Sea and the setting of the Apennines behind, make the geographical location privileged; the alternation of the cold winter temperatures with the temperate ones of the summer months in fact creates the ideal climate to obtain an oil with a soft and decisive taste. The plant has a southern exposure, which allows our olive trees not to suffer from the cold even in the most rigid months.

About us

Chi SIamo - About us - Wer wir sind - Wie zijn wij - 私たちに関しては - 關於我們

About us, come and meet us

The company is a family business, born from the passion for genuine things and our taste for good things. It aims to create high quality organic products that are sustainable at the same time, in a perfect combination of flavor and ethics. Young people in the market but linked to tradition, with innovative ideas for a quality trade and sustainability. Our land already boasts the status of organic.

As for the arable production starting from the 2018 harvest, our olive grove will also become part of the organic products category, certified by the Soil and Health Control Authority. The processing of our productions, for the company and family needs, we operate by exploiting the clean energy created by a photovoltaic system, with zero CO2 emissions. Also for the olive harvest we use electric tools with zero impact, such as chopers, cleavers, saws, etc in line with our idea of ​​ecosustainability.

The Production Chain

La filiera produttiva The - Production Chain - Die Produktionskette - De productieketen - 生産チェーン - 生產鏈

The Production Chain

The olive harvest in our company begins the first week of October, normally extends until mid-November and is done exclusively with manual harvesting and with electric olive harvesting tools that are not harmful to trees or their fruit. In this way the organoleptic and chemical characteristics of the final product maintain high quality standards. After harvesting, within 24/36 hours, the olives are taken to the oil mill (Antico Frantoio Alessandrini) in the nearby historic village of Moresco, where they are processed using a cold extraction process, a mechanical process carried out with a discontinuous system. Stored in stainless steel drums, our oil is then returned to the company to be bottled in special different capacities, ready to be placed on the market through international distribution channels to reach the tables of the most demanding consumers.

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